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If you wish to audition for the Competition Team
please fill out the interest form here! Competition Auditions April 3!
Musical Theatre Auditions April 10! 


Competition Theatre

Audition Material click the pic


Musical Theatre 
( must have Theatre 3 first) 


Theatre 3
( New to high school or new to Theatre/ first level of High School Theatre

!!!AUDITION UPDATES!!!: Programs



Jake Wyatt,

Comic Book Artist &Writer for Marvel, Image, FirstSecond

Screenwriter for Warner Bro. & Flight School Studios

2003 Graduate 

High School Theatre can seem like a small thing in a large world, but Oak Grove High School Theatre taught me that the world really was just a stage—and that I could, in my time upon it, play roles that I’d dared not imagine for myself.


Caroline Green, 


2016 Graduate 

Without my time in OGHS Theatre, I would never have pursued a job with the largest entertainment company, Walt Dinsey World, nor would I have the confidence and skill to become a working actress in the film industry. My decision to join OGHS Theatre gave me a family, an amazing supporter and teacher, and set me on the path to my future.


Tony Reimonenq,

Actor, Artist Educator at Kentucky Shakespeare

2016 Graduate

 Oak Grove Theatre was an escape from the struggles of going through high school. It allowed me to find and use gifts inside of me I didn't know I had. It understood me on days when I felt no one else did. It taught me my creativity and uniqueness was not only accepted, but celebrated. Oak Grove Theatre is not only a huge part of who I am as an actor, it's a huge part of who I am as a person. I cherish every moment.

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